Top 10 facts about saitama

Originally an unemployed young man, later becoming a punch-and-death superhero, Saitama has constantly made the audience go from this surprise to other. More specifically, this tremendous power was formed from his non-stop training during his three years. 

Saitama ‘s Costume was based off of Anpanman 

Anpanman’s costume consists of a red jumpsuit with yellow gloves. If you reverse the colors, you will get Saitama’s costume color combination. 

His Special Appearance

he creator of One Punch Man shapes Saitama as a bald hero because he thinks there are too many heroes in the world with good-looking and cool looks, so the special creation of Saitama shows his thoughts Suppose that the greatness of a hero comes from the spirit rather than their looks.

Unbelievable ability


"In the final battle of One Punch Man season 1 against Boros, Saitama is sent flying to the moon by Boros. Saitama jumped from the moon to Earth in a very fast time of 1.5 seconds. The distance between the Earth and the moon is 384400 km, Saitama’s speed is 256266 km/ s. The speed of light is 299792 km/ s. This is not the true power of Saitama, so we can confirm that Saitama can overcome the speed of light."